One Roll of Film: the 36 Shots Found in V’s Winter Bear

Being also the director of Winter Bear MV, Taehyung incorporated the element and theme of photography in the MV and has been more detailed than we let on.

At most, you can buy a roll of regular 135 film with 36 frames. The standard numbers of shots you can make in a roll are 12, 24 and 36. Many photographers will buy 36 simply for convenience.

The light dodge and burn effects (what we call light leaks) found in the MV represent what happens to a film frame when exposed by light, when the shutter is being released. This means the photographer is already taking a moment of time into a picture. Overall, there were 36 times this light leaking effect occurred in the MV, the exact amount of times you can take a picture with a single roll of film.

Frankly, we only noticed this and started counting while re-watching it earlier out of hype and amusement for Taehyung’s solo works and his upcoming ones. This was a really cool detail that we thought should be noticed. We guesstimated (because these effects transition very fast! Check the end of this article for timestamps) the timestamps and did notice there were really 36.

It’s Taehyung purposefully showing to us the things that are worth burning an image. The things and moments he values.

When using a piece of old photography equipment like film, the number of pictures you take are very limited. When looking into the frames that have this light effect, we noticed that the most recurring subjects are of nature, scenery, and himself.

These light leaks appear like they are mistakes and imperfections to photography. In reality, when these unnatural colors appear on an already developed picture, it usually means the camera lens and body aren’t tightly sealed.

These ‘images’ do look like they were still in the process of burning itself on to the film. But personally I like the rawness and the effect it gives. They are like stolen moments of time. That’s what I believe Taehyung was going for.

I believe this was truly intended. Taehyung is said to be a man of details and it’s very him to pull off something like this. His passion for photography is consistent and always progressing. It is clear he really loves this form of art.

As an enthusiast of art and photography, it’s surreal to even notice this easily overlooked detail which is now clearly part of his vision. Looking at these makes us feel his appreciation for the nowness of life.

Guesstimated timestamps:

1. 0:21
2. 0:24
3. 0:33
4. 0:38
5. 0:41
6. 0:51
7. 0:54
8. 0:58
9. 1:01
10. 1:05
11. 1:11
12. 1:18
13. 1:20
14. 1:25
15. 1:28
16. 1:29
17. 1:34
18. 1:39
19. 1:42
20. 1:46
21. 1:50
22. 1:55
23. 1:59
24. 2:05
25. 2:10
26. 2:13
27. 2:23
28. 2:27
29. 2:32
30. 2:34
31. 2:40
32. 2:44
33. 2:50
34. 2:54
35. 2:58
36. 3:03

professional nerd; BTS & V; a fan not a critic

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